Aarhus Academy of fine arts 2006

Student exhibition




"Wall-to-wall" is an exploration and play with shape, color and perspective. The color is strong, and the space is fictional and constructed using lines that are oriented sharply against a deep perspective.


In "Wall-to-wall" exhibition creates a dialogue with the surroundings by dragging painting lines into space. Here in the form of painted boards mounted in the ceiling and corresponding paint on the floor. This helps to reinforce the infinity which is in perspective and hereby grants the viewer an experience of that time and place is lifted and the gaze can wander towards infinity.





Haderslev Kunstforening

22. februar - 22. marts 2020

"Fragmenter af rum"


Viborg Kunstforening

25. april - 10. maj 2020

Annette Gerlif & Pia Pan