Common accumulation 2006/2007, Aarhus Academy of fine arts

Student exhibition




Students from Aarhus Academy of fine arts, has built a "white cube turned inside out" and caused accumulation of experience at the 4 pages. In the Cube is all paint the hall; easels, tabels, paint, etc. packed away and on one of the cube's sides, is located a ladder, so the viewer can climb up and look down into the cube.




On another side of the cube's sides displayed a video project of the struderende which in turn writes a statement on the wall with black paint, after which the statement again erased with a roller. The statements are a mixture of "aha-experiences", experiences, quotes, etc. The third side is glued A3 pages also with statements, drawings, photos from the year. On the cubes last page is written "THE WORLD" as a reminder that students should be aware that their works communicate with the viewer. The text is partially hidden behind some doors that opened up to the viewer.



Haderslev Kunstforening

22. februar - 22. marts 2020

"Fragmenter af rum"


Viborg Kunstforening

25. april - 10. maj 2020

Annette Gerlif & Pia Pan