Art event in Søndersø - launched by the Art Forum Viborg 18 June - 14 August 2016

Duck Residence is a comment about having a place to belong - a home!

The project is about places that are in motion, and places without a permanent connection.


8 members of the Art Forum Viborg: Annette Gerlif, Birgit Kvorning, Felix Pedersen, Helle Bovbjerg, Henning Elving, Kika Møller, Rene Schmidt and Susanne Ahrenkiel  


8 invited guest artists: Amanda Karlsson (SE), Annette Hornskov Mørk (DK), Bruno Kjær (DK), Gunnar Klenke (DE), Johan Gaellman (SE), Marja Leena Valkola (FI), Monique Sourbron (BE) and Steen Rasmussen


TERRITORY Mooring of a place of hearing - an insistence on the right to be.


Annette Gerlif, Helle Bovbjerg, Kika Møller, Annette Hornskov Mørk




Haderslev Kunstforening

22. februar - 22. marts 2020

"Fragmenter af rum"


Viborg Kunstforening

25. april - 10. maj 2020

Annette Gerlif & Pia Pan