Kunstforum Viborg and invited guests have held a CARDBOARD Experimentarium in collaboration with Bruunshåb Old Cardboard Factory.


The "Cardboard-works" were hung up in the woods around the Papfabrikken, and on the lake (Møllesøen). Experiences from the experiment will be used next year, where Kunstforum Viborg hosts NORDART - a cardboard symposium for 10 younger Nordic artists.



Annette Gerlif - wet paper is drawn into strips and wrapped around a tree trunk. The tree is supplied with a "cardboard cover". Cardboard is made of recycled paper - which is again made of wood!



Photo left: Pia Pedersen (foreground) and guest Rikke Goldbech (the background) - both have built a wooden skeleton that is covered with wet cardboard.


Photo to the right: Rikke Goldbech's cardboard sculpture takes shape. In the background at the red door, Elonn Agerup's paper sculpture "Black Jonas" is seen. 



Udstillinger 2018    


Kirsten Kjær Museum

11. august - 28. oktober 


Kunstnergruppen 5STK