Art event in Søndersø - launched by the Art Forum Viborg 16 June - 19 August 2018


Duck Residence is a comment about having a place to belong - a home! The project is about places that are in motion, and places without a permanent connection.


5 members of the Art Forum Viborg: Annette Gerlif, Pia Pedersen, Birgit Kvorning, Felix Pedersen, Susanne Ahrenkiel


9 invited guest artists: Marie J Engelsvold (DK), Kate Skjerning (DK), Salah Saouli (DE), Gunnar Klenke (DE), Bert Meinen (NE), Ingrid Enarsson (SE), Rosamunde Dora Brüsch (DK), Mariana Leal Steen Rasmussen (DK)


Duck Residence was initiated with a week's workshop at Vingaard Officin, Bogtryksmuseet Viborg, where artists had time to complete their works - and not least for networking.


Duck Residence was subsequently moved to Mors Cultural Meeting, 23-25 ​​August, where the sculptures were launched in Limfjorden by Nykøbing Mors.



Photo left: Annette Gerlif - Refugee Camp

Photo right: Pia Pedersen - Château De Bris



Photo left: Steen Rasmussen - Protection / Oppression

Photo right: Marie J. Engelsvold - Inner places of belonging (front) og Felix Pedersen - Burial Monument for ducks and other sea birds (back)


Workshop on Vingaards Officin, Bookprint Museum Viborg:

Steen Rasmussen, Salah Saouli and Gunnar Klenke.










Haderslev Kunstforening

22. februar - 22. marts 2020

"Fragmenter af rum"


Viborg Kunstforening

25. april - 10. maj 2020

Annette Gerlif & Pia Pan